We help people breathe better during sleep through screening, testing, and treatment of Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Increased energy, weight loss, and cardiovascular health improvements are common results.         

I was suffering from sleep apnea for years without realizing the effects that it was having on my health. Not only was my heavy snoring and interrupted sleep effecting my over all well being, it was also taking a toll on my marriage. My wife no longer wanted to sleep in the same room as me, and was constantly complaining of my snoring which she described to be like the sound of a chainsaw. After coming to Dr. Turchin’s office to discuss the possibility of some kind of treatment that would allow me to stop snoring, Dr. Turchin suggested I have a mouth appliance that would fit inside of my mouth, to help open up my airway and put an end to snoring. Within the first day of using this appliance, I not only woke up feeling refreshed and well rested, my wife excitedly told me that I had not snored once. It has now been a few months, and I have noticed I no longer feel the need to nap every day, and that I have much more energy. My wife is also very grateful and relieved to be sleeping through the night without me waking her countless times. Over all, I am extremely happy with Dr. Turchin, his expertise and his wonderful staff that has not only given me back my energy, but has also saved my marriage.
— James Marolda, patient